The Biggest Science Experiment is …

A community science project bringing people together to think, talk and get involved in doing science.

Anyone can join in: kids, schools, families, businesses, groups, organisations.  All of us!

You can run your experiment or project any time, with the opportunity to share your project’s progress with the rest of The Biggest Science Experiment community and learn from others on their science journey.

Get involved and learn more about science.

Working together on The Biggest Science Experiment, we are being a science savvy community.


Need an idea for an experiment?
We have suggestions for kids and families, gardeners, collectors, groups, businesses, and many more!

EXPO 2020

Virtual Expo dates announced!

August 15 – 23, 2020
National Science Week

What is Science?

Science is a way of answering questions about the world around us and ourselves.

In Science, we

  • ask questions which can be tested
  • design experiments to answer the questions

get involved

We invite you to get involved – create your own experiment or project

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