Halls Gap Primary School Ant Project

Expo postponed but the Experiment continues

At this time of uncertainty, here at The Biggest Science Experiment we have made the difficult decision to postpone the Expo event.

Despite this part of the Experiment being postponed, we are going to continue on with all other facets of The Biggest Science Experiment continuing to run as normal.

We are encouraging all participants to continue on with their experiments at their schools, businesses or at home.

“During this difficult time with social gathering restrictions in place, we have decided to postpone the Expo event till later in the year.” says Dr Anthea Nicholls, BigSciExp Project Manager

“But the good news is, we can continue our experiments and projects during this time. Participants can share their progress on-line, via our social media pages and website.”

The Biggest Science Experiment Expo was scheduled to be held on May 4th and 5th but will now take place later in the year once social gathering restrictions are lifted.

“We have some wonderful experiments taking place and have had great support from local groups, schools and the Northern Grampians Shire council in running this event,” says Anthea.

“We are fortunate that we can continue with our experiments, monitoring and communicating our progress on-line and keep the momentum going.

“This is an ideal project for kids and families who may find themselves having to stay at home. The current situation also raises lots of interesting science questions for us to research and talk about.”

We will also be extending the duration of running the experiments throughout the coming months.  So, if you haven’t joined the experiment yet but would like to do so, it’s not too late.

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