Web spinner

What on earth? June 13th

Today’s answer is ‘web-spinner’ of the order Embioptera.

This is the only time I have managed to photograph a live specimen. The individual pictured here dropped out of a log while I was wood cutting.

Embioptera is one of the smaller, lesser known orders of insects. There are only about 65 species found here in Australia.

They are seldom seen because they live in silk-lined galleries on bark or rock surfaces, or in crevices, or leaf litter. Their silk glands are located in their fore tarsi – in humans that would be their forearms! Those distinctive fore tarsi  helps identify them. Can you see those enlarged ‘forearms’ in the images?

Web-spinners live on a diet of bark, dead leaves, moss and lichens.

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If you want to learn more about web-spinners go here.