Stuck on project or experiment ideas?

Here is a list of ideas to get you started.

Ideas for kids and families

See links below for more fabulous ideas and instructions.


Ideas for gardeners

  • How much water does a cabbage need to survive, compared to what it needs to thrive?
  • What is the relationship between the various weeds in my garden and the season/soil/water availability?
  • How much of this (or that) fertilizer is best for this (or that) plant?
  • What is the most effective way of managing weed A/B/C?


Ideas for surveys

You could keep records of:

  • Insects and spiders in various locations
  • Birds in country town parks or on your property
  • Night mammals in a patch of bush near you


Ideas for groups

  • How many different species of fern are there in the Grampians?
  • What is the distribution for a particular plant or animal or mineral in the Grampians?


Ideas for Individuals

  • What is the relationship between how much I walk each day and my well being (measured as BP, weight loss or gain, tiredness, mood, etc)?

Ideas for collections

You could make a collection of:

  • Weeds in your garden
  • Grasses in your area
  • Leaf adaptations for reduced water loss
  • Seed pods
  • Rocks and minerals, organized using the Mohs scale for hardness
  • Insects which attack your vegies (an actual collection of these insects would be fair game!)


Ideas for businesses

  • How much power can we save over a three month period if we do this (or that)?
  • How much paper do we throw out in the course of a week, which could be recycled?
  • Is there a relationship between sales of our product/services and the weather?


Or you might like to ..

  • Research the life of a scientist
  • Ask some ‘why?’ questions and find the answer on the internet
  • Write a science fiction story
  • Invent something impossible (and check out the impossible things Leonardo da Vinci came up with!)
  • Find out more about Dark Matter and start a scrap book on the new Underground Physics Lab in Stawell
  • Find out all you can about Climate science.
  • Do something we haven’t thought of!

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